The effects of employing Smartphone Dating Applications on Sexual Risk Behaviours in university students in Hong Kong

The effects of employing Smartphone Dating Applications on Sexual Risk Behaviours in university students in Hong Kong

Unprotected sexual sex

Contrary towards the findings of previous studies in regards to the utilization of dating apps among homosexual males 6, 8, we unearthed that, compared to nonusers, apps users had been almost certainly going to have had unprotected sexual sex with additional sexual lovers, inconsistent condom use and no condom usage once they last had intercourse that is sexual. However, it really is difficult to compare those of the previous studies to our results as a result of variations in research populations, control teams, the recall amount of condom usage while the concept of sexual activity. Subjects associated with the studies that are previous all homosexual. Tests by Grosskopf et al and Lee et al contrasted the pattern of condom use between application users and topics whom used the online world ( maybe not apps that are dating for dating 6, 9. It had been feasible that both teams had comparable practices that are sexual ultimately causing no distinction in the pattern of condom usage. The recall amount of condom used in the past studies had been the past a few months 6, 8, 16. The earlier studies just examined unprotected anal sex whereas the current research examined condom use within anal, oral and intercourse that is virginal. Although the danger of HIV transmission through dental intercourse is significantly less than anal or sex that is vaginal other viral and nonviral sexually transmitted conditions such as for instance gonorrhoea, herpes and syphilis are sent through dental intercourse 27, 28. The National wellness provider associated with the uk plus the Centers for infection Control and Prevention in america also claim that making use of a condom makes dental intercourse safer. Conversely, it had been unearthed that university students in america whom engaged in sexting were a lot more like to experienced more total unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse functions within the last a few months compared to those whom would not (7.97 vs. 2.92) 18. A past research on heterosexual females discovered that 77% of females whom came across A internet partner for a intimate encounter would not make use of condom 29. A few studies on homosexual males additionally recommended that seeking intimate lovers on line was associated with inconsistent condom use and anal that is unprotected 30, 31.

Clinical implications and tips

First, given the interest in dating apps and smart phones nowadays, it really is not practical and impractical to end individuals utilizing apps that are dating. If using dating app factors more high-risk sexual behaviours, clinicians should develop interventions to advertise the safe usage of dating apps so that you can decrease the possibility of engaging in dangerous intimate behaviours among software users, specifically for people that have no reputation for high-risk intimate behaviours. 2nd, we discovered that utilizing dating apps had been related to more danger intimate behaviours. Consequently, users of dating apps must be targeted in danger assessment, sincesessment along with danger stratification. Third, the designers of the dating apps should simply just take social obligation. Academic elements such as for example popup preventive communications and notification to market sex that is safe ought to be integrated into the apps 32. Besides, school-based interventions to advertise safe intercourse and availability of condoms at school campuses and dormitories should really be advocated. In addition to app users, bisexual/homosexual people, ladies, the elderly and folks who’d their very very first intercourse that is sexual 16 years old should deserve more attention simply because they may actually participate in more dangerous sexual behaviours.


There have been a true number of limits for this research. First, topics for this research had been recruited in universities by convenience sampling and therefore the research findings may not be generalizable with other populations. Compared to the basic populations, the a long time of our research topics had been slim while the variations in socio-demographic facets between topics had been low. Nonetheless, we utilized multicenter study to enhance the diversities of individuals from various geographical places, study procedures, scholastic performance and naughty meetups socioeconomic status. To ascertain a robust relationship between the usage of dating apps and intimate wellness, individuals as a whole populace is recruited by likelihood sampling in future studies. 2nd, all results were self-reported, which can have bias. But, utilizing self-report measures to acquire information is a typical and practical methodology in studies of behavioural wellness. All the questions were adapted from previous research studies to strengthen the validity and reliability of our data. In addition, to prevent social desirability bias, the questionnaire had been anonymous and self-completed by interviewees on their own. Third, this cross-sectional research only supplied clues regarding associations, and longitudinal studies are essential to determine any causal relationship between separate factors and intimate wellness. One advised alternative would be to divide categories of our study topics with a “proxy adjustable” that theoretically has associations by using dating apps but no relationship with dangerous intimate behaviours, and to further analyse if this “proxy variable” features a statistically significant relationship because of the dangerous intimate behaviours. Nevertheless, we didn’t have such factors in this study that is present. 4th, we combined homosexual team with bisexual team in information analysis so that you can increase the model fit regarding the regression models. Further research should recruit more folks in each team and conduct subgroup analysis to explore whether you can find variations in intimate danger behaviours between heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual individuals. 5th, nowadays, smartphone apps are versatile. Some messenger apps also provide a function in making friends that are new. Nonetheless, these apps that aren’t mainly for dating are not considered within the current study. Further studies might add this type or form of apps to see if you will find any impacts on sexual danger behaviours.

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